In 1862, a year into the American Civil War, the first two ships to be clad in a force field of iron engaged in the waters just off the Port of Newport News in Virginia. The small USS Monitor and the heavily armed CSS Virginia attempted to destroy the other’s mighty cladding. After hours of close-range action, neither ship had sunk. Their story, however, went down in history. Today, in an historic warehouse within view of the old battle site, that 154-year-old story still engages us. Ironclad Distillery Co. is Newport News, Virginia’s first and only operating distillery. Owned and operated by the King family since 2015, Ironclad makes only small batch bourbon whiskey. From grain to bottle. One batch at a time. All under one roof.

In our family, we believe there is such a thing as a “bourbon gene.” It runs in our blood alcohol level. Generations have enjoyed it, so we thought it was time to put our name on our own. That’s why we founded Ironclad with a single aim, as simple as it is ambitious: To create the finest small bourbon available – like Grandma would have liked. Each day we come in and make the best whiskey we know how. That’s it. Nothing else. So no moonshine, no vodka, no gin. There are others who have a greater passion and know-how for those. We’re here to craft a bourbon that’ll make everyone who is a carrier of the “bourbon gene” proud.

Here’s to the brown blooded.

Ironclad Bourbon is made from local Virginia corn, wheat and rye, along with malted barley, and aged in new, American oak charred barrels. It is characterized by the brackish air from Virginia’s James River, balanced with the sweet caramelized oak sap from small barrels. Each batch is double distilled in six 26-gallon stainless steel stills and generally aged for two summers. The result? A sweet opening and a dry spice pop that’s ideal in a glass on its own and works great in cocktails.

Ironclad Bourbon is currently only available in select Virginia ABC stores. If the store of your choice is not listed below, you can order Ironclad online at, or by calling 1-844-694-9965, and your purchase will be delivered to the Virginia ABC store you choose for pickup.

ABC Store #119
901 N St Asaph St

ABC Store #228
1524 Belle View Blvd

ABC Store #372
4349 Duke St

ABC Store #374
2955-A S Glebe Rd

ABC Store #202
1902 Emmet St

ABC Store #253
1169 Emmet St

ABC Store #79
1434 Sam's Dr

ABC Store #280
1103 S Military Hwy

ABC Store #328
836 Eden Way N

ABC Store #244
4909 West Mercury Blvd

ABC Store #282
2400 Cunningham Dr

ABC Store #331
3406 Pump Rd

ABC Store #166
506 Fort Evans Rd. N. E.

ABC Store #267
1446 Chain Bridge Rd
Newport News
ABC Store #217
619 Pilot House Dr

ABC Store #272
55 Hidenwood Shop Ctr

ABC Store #340
309-A Oyster Point Rd

ABC Store #341
621 Stoney Creek Lane

ABC Store #342
10872 Warwick Blvd

ABC Store #107
141 W. Virginia Beach Boulevard

ABC Store #134
2301 Colley Ave

ABC Store #226
7862 Tidewater Dr

ABC Store #249
2350 East Little Creek Rd

ABC Store #263
5900 Virginia Beach Blvd

ABC Store #169
10 N. Thompson St

ABC Store #360
2901 Hermitage Rd

ABC Store #269
646 Brandon Ave
ABC Store #298
821 West Constance Rd

ABC Store #219
8413 Old Courthouse Rd

Virginia Beach
ABC Store #105
869 Lynnhaven Parkway

ABC Store #106
2973 Shore Dr

ABC Store #188
4334 Holland Rd

ABC Store #225
405 30th St

ABC Store #256
1612 Laskin Rd

ABC Store #278
3333 Virginia Beach Blvd

ABC Store #336
1067 Independence Blvd

ABC Store #370
2181 Upton Dr

ABC Store #148
4640-3 Monticello Ave

ABC Store #320
1246 Richmond Rd

ABC Store #222
209 Village Ave


Our barrels are going places: Taking on beer, aging rum, making Man Caves look good, to name a few. That's why we created BarrelTag - the world's first way to track a barrel's after-bourbon life.

Register your unique BarrelTag code here and start following your barrel. Because Ironclad flavor holds tight.

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124 23rd St,
Newport News, VA 23607

The distillery is located inside the Paul Davis building, directly across the street from Newport News City Hall. Parking is limited out front on weekdays, but free for visitors to the distillery on weekends in the lot past the building on 23rd Street and West Avenue.